Black Sierra Justice Committee

Welcome to the Black Sierra Justice Committee homepage. We are a support network for victims, friends and family members affected by the experiments at Black Sierra Air Base, a United States Air Force installation in New Mexico. Currently, we believe that Black Sierra is in Sierra County, and may be part of the Spaceport America complex, although activities at Black Sierra date back to long before the spaceport was founded.

Despite our government's constant denials, Black Sierra is real. Victims carry with them unknowable physicial, emotional and spiritual trauma, and it is in their name that we have set up this web page. Our plans for this site are two fold.

  1. To raise awareness about the experiements, human rights abuses and crimes against humanity that have taken place at Black Sierra over the years.
  2. To collect and transcribe as many documents, letters and journals that mention Black Sierra as possible.

To this end, we are accepting submissions. If you have any documents that contain information on Black Sierra, we urge you to contact our President, Brock Edwards, at Your help is paramount in maintaining this site and providing evidence of crimes against humanity, so that we may someday launch legal action against the United States government.

Whether you seek justice like us, or merely seek to unveil the secrets of our dystopia, welcome. You can find an archive of current information on Black Sierra below.


This site is dedicated to Aunt Andrea. May you someday dance among the stars.